3 Warning Signs that Tell You it is Time to Replace Your Roof

The roof is one of the parts of your home or building that you must never overlook or neglect. Typically, roofs reach the end of their lifespan after around 20 years—however, some do not make it to their maximum service life because of several factors like the climate and other environmental conditions in your area.

Regularly inspect your roof to make sure that it is still in good condition. You have to be able to identify the early warning signs that your roof is due for a replacement.

Here are the visual signs that tell you that your roof has to be changed soon.

1. Sunlight passes through your attic

Can you see sunlight peeking through your roof already? If sunlight can come through your roof’s cracks, then rain, snow, and other elements will. Contact a roofing contractor for an evaluation of your roof’s condition and recommendations on the best solution for fixing the issue.

2. Curling roof shingles

Do the edges of your shingles turn upwards? Or is the middle part going up? If so, it is a clear sign that your shingles are curling and that there is a risk of leaking in your home. If the extent of shingle curling has gone from bad to worse, then the shingles have to be replaced with new ones.

3. Your shingles are missing

Does your roof begin to look like a checkerboard? Merely replacing the missing shingles can pose several challenges. For one, it is difficult to find the right size that will fit the place of the lost shingles. Finding a matching colour for the existing shingles can be next to impossible as well. In that case, the smartest solution is to replace the entire roof shingles.

Is your roof up for replacement already based on your inspection? Talk to us and we will assess your roof and see if it really needs a replacement. And if it does, we can provide you with a budget-friendly yet high-quality roof replacement service.

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